Benefits of Motorized Valves

motorized valve

Valve Automation helps with activities and processes without the need for personnel to physically contact in operation. Motorized valves are particularly valuable for controlling fluid flow in pipeline systems. When it comes to precise control or fail-safe emergency shutoff, automated valves are ideal. A close look at the numerous benefits of using automatic industrial motorized valves. You can observe they provide insights into their overall industrial impact, improved control, and increased safety in manufacturing and production. The motorized valve manufacturer uses CE-approved safe electric actuators.

The Effect of Electrical Actuators

The use of motorized valves affects several perspectives of manufacturing and various forms of process. Which may include hazardous materials, acids, chemicals, oil and gas, food and beverages, and others. The manually operated valves have a few drawbacks:

  • The manually operated valve needs time and labor work to come into action.
  • The manual operation increases the risk of human errors in measurements.
  • The manual operation may increase operational costs through the unnecessary waste that comes from the ruined product

The electrical valve actuators give efficient precise, streamlined control of piping system flows facilitating more accurate costs per unit.

Motorized Valves Provide Improved Outputs

The improvement in output control helps to reduce the costs related to product waste. Motorized valves do not rely on an operator, that allows them to carry on the monitor and adjust flow through a system without disturbance.

The motorized valves can be paired with extra battery backup systems. This battery system called inverter allows them to continue the operation or safely end the running process in case of a power outage until the electricity is restored. The motorized valves allow operators to set desired operating positions, allowing for flow adjustments and monitoring with limited or no man involvement. Electrically actuated valves help to maintain the safest possible operating levels when dealing with potentially dangerous materials and environmental factors.

Safety Level Rises with Electrical Valves

In order to operator safety, electrical actuated valves help to control consistent operating levels and keep secure environments where pressure levels, extreme temperatures, noxious fumes, flammable elements, or other circumstances have the possibility to create catastrophic failures. In emergencies, automated actuated valves return to fail-safe positions, preventing damages to equipment or structures, accidents, environmental hazards, and other devastating consequences.

The motorized valves are ideal for remote access, especially valves that are located in hazardous environments, or where no man can reach safely in order to manually operate them.

Motorized Valves of Cair Euromatic

Cair Euromatic is one of the well-known industrial motorized valve manufacturers in India. We are certified and got approvals from many organizations like API, ISO, CE, etc. The cair euromatic has a broad range of motorized valves including Ball Valves, Butterfly valves, Globe Type Control Valves, Gate Valves, Damper Valves, and Diaphragm Valves. We offer two-way, three-way ball valves and lined ball valves. Cair Euromatic also provides double offset butterfly valves and triple offset butterfly valves. Contact us to get free advice from our engineers and experts. We are here to serve you with our best quality products to increase your production with minimum manufacturing costs.

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