Motorized Butterfly Valve

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Cair Euromatic’s Motorized Butterfly Valves are made of CI, DI, WCB, CF8, and CF8M and include a wide variety of models such as Wafer types, Double Flanged, High Performance, UPVC Body Butterfly valves and others also and that range in size from 2″ to 72″ inches. The butterfly valves are operated by electric actuators that have either on/off or three-point wiring.

Cair Euromatic is a leading industrial butterfly valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India that meet clients' specifications & requirements. The raw materials we use to make butterfly valves are of the highest quality to ensure their performance and durability. We offer Electric Actuator Operated UPVC Butterfly Valve, Aluminum Body Butterfly Valve, Extended Stem Butterfly Valve & Double offset disc Butterfly Valve. To browse all models check our category section.

Motorized Butterfly Valve with Actuator

A motorized actuator rotates the butterfly valve disc during open & close operation. Aside from this, actuators are easy to install in your system and will provide the best user experience for you. When a valve is opened or closed, the actuator rotates up to 90 degrees using electrical energy to manage the valve medium.