Motorized Valves and Solenoid Valves are Same? Let’s find out

Motorized Valve vs Solenoid Valve

Whenever a non-technical person has heard the word “motorized valve”, a question arises in his mind, “Is it a solenoid valve?” Many people who are not aware of motorized valves generally understood them as solenoid valves. But they both are different from each other in many perspectives. From their working mechanism to body construction, from their applications to pressure capacity so many differences are there. To figure out what is the difference between a motorized valve and a solenoid valve first let’s know about the motorized valve.

What is Motorized Valve?

The valves like ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, etc are actuated with an electric motor called motorized valves. When it comes to the electric motor-operated ball valve, is widely known as the motorized ball valve and so on for butterfly valves and other valves. In a motorized valve, the mostly electric motor take place of the manual hand lever or gear wheel. All other body components of that particular valve remain as it is. Because of this valves are remotely operated by just switching the electricity flow.

How does Motorized Valve Work?

To operate valves like gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, etc. electric motor is mounted with the stem or gear. When the mounted motor receives instruction from the local panel or control room, the motor operates the valve accordingly.

What is Solenoid Valve?

Like other valves, the solenoid valve is also used to control the fluid flow. There are two main parts of this valve one is a solenoid coil that operates the valve and the other is the valve body. This solenoid valve body is not similar to a motorized valve body. There are motorized butterfly valves present in the market but solenoid butterfly valve doesn’t. 

How does a Solenoid Valve Work?

Solenoid valves have a specific body design. There is a plunger inside the valve body that is used as a barrier to stop the flow. The solenoid coil is used to lift and bring down this plunger vertically. The solenoid valve come in either a Normally Open position or a Normally Close position. A normally open (NO) solenoid valve allows fluid to flow in a normal position. When the solenoid is energized with an electric current that creates an electromagnetic field and the plunger slide toward the coil and sets on the seats to block the fluid flow.

A normally closed (NC) solenoid valve stops the fluid to come out in a normal position. The plunger sets between seats all the time until the solenoid coil is energized. When the solenoid coil is energized the plunger lift up from the seat and fluid passes through the valve.

Hence, the motorized valve and solenoid valve has just two things in common, both valves need electricity to operate and the second thing is both are used to control the fluid flow. Apart from these two things, there is no other similarity between them.

Although they both have their benefits and drawbacks we will discuss these things in any other post.

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