Explosion Proof Electric Actuators

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Cair Euromatic is one of the reputed Explosion proof Electric actuator manufacturers in India. We boast of making user-friendly, high-quality, and long-durable electric actuators. We are certified by CCOE & PESO for explosion proof electric actuators.

Our actuators are most trustworthy as we follow international guidelines in the making of electric actuators. Our designs are approved by ATEX, CE, IEC, and ISI. To maintain the quality and control the price, we neglect outsourcing. Our inventories are able to produce vast amounts of electric actuators. We offer a Compact Size Single Phase Ex Proof Quarter Turn Electric Actuator, which can be easily installed in limited space situations.

This actuator can generate 35-50 Nm Torque in just 220 V AC. There is a Three Phase Ex Proof Quarter Turn Electric Actuator also available. That consumes 415V AC to generate up to 2500 NM Torque. The third one is the Three Phase Ex Proof Multi-Turn Electric Actuator for On-Off and Regulation Process. There is an indicator lamp rigged with this actuator, that indicates open, close, and error. All of these actuators are equipped with manual override. In case of power loss, the manual override feature help to set the valve to the safe position.

Our explosion proof quarter-turn electric actuators are the best fit for the Water-treatment plant, Pharmacy, Petroleum, Pulp & Paper, Textile, Chemical industries, Power Plant, Metallurgy, Food Processing, etc.