Three Phase Explosion Proof Multi Turn Electric Actuator

Key Features

Supply Voltage

415 V AC (±10%), 50/60 Hz
380 V AC, 460 V AC (Available on request)


Explosion Proof – CCOE/PESO Certified

Torque Range

100 NM – 2500 NM

Manual Over-ride

Hand Wheel Type

Integral Starter Unit

Selector Switches               : Open/Stop/Close
Selector Switches               : Auto/Manual or Remote/Local
Indicator lamp                     : Open/Close/Error

Various Options

Modulating Control (Signal Input – 4~20 mA / 2~10 V DC)
Potentiometer Feedback (4~20 mA)
Auxiliary Limit Switches (2 Units – Potential Free)
2 Wire for ON/OFF Operation.

Model Number

TTM-IN-FLP(EX) | 10 | 20 | 30 | 60 | 90

Inqure now

Manufacturing Standards

Actuator manufacturing standard

IEC/ EN 15714-2(Electrical Actuator for Industrial Valves)

Actuator Enclosure Standard- IP 67/68

IS/IEC 60529-2009

(Degree of protection provided by Enclosure)

Actuator motor standard

IEC-60034-1 (Rotating Electrical Machines)

IS-325 (Three Phase Induction Motor)

Actuator Mounting Standard

ISO 5211

Applicable Directives

1-EC machinery Directive-2006/42/EC

2-Low Voltage Directive-2006/95/EC

3-EMC Directive-2004/105/EEC

4-POD (Proof of Design) As per AWWA 542-09
Actuator Life Cycle Test

Design Approvals