Q: Are our actuators Flame/explosion proof and dust proof/weather proof?

A: Yes, Our electrical actuators are tested and certified as IP67 and IP68 weather proof. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified with CE and ATEX for explosion-proof.

A: The additional accessory like the air filter, limit switch etc. on the pneumatic actuator has high overall maintenance while the electrical actuator has integrated gears, positioners and sensors while being maintenance free. The electrical actuator only needs a power supply while pneumatic actuator works on Compressed air along with electricity in some cases making it more complex.

A: Yes, we have many approvals from government, clients and testing laboratory alike. We also supply our products to numerous OEM as well. Some of the prominent approvals are from EIL, PDIL, MECON, SAIL, CIDC, CE and many more. Our ever-growing clients are TATA, Essar, L&T, Adani, Lupin, Zydus, PETRONAS, UZMA, Torrent Power, BHEL, BARC, ONGC, NAL, HAL and many more!

A: We hold a large inventory for conventional and standard products and every product is tested before shipping. Delivery time mostly depends on the quantity and nature of the product however if it’s a custom order then the delivery time may be extended depending on the scenario. For more information please contact us.

Valves are available with a wide variety of valve bodies in various styles, materials, connections and sizes. Selection is primarily dependent on the service conditions, the task, and the load characteristics of the application. The most common types are ball valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, and gate valves.

There are many types of actuator available and sometimes it is quite confusing on what kind to choose. Affected parameters for actuator selection include the availability of a power source, torque and size of the valve, failure mode, speed of operation, frequency and ease of operation, control accessories, hazardous area, and cost.