Types of Motorized Ball Valve: How to Choose The Best One


Do You Need a Motorized Ball Valve? 

You are at the right place, we at CAIR EUROMATIC AUTOMATION are the top leading Motorized Ball Valve Manufacturer in India. If you are looking for a Many types of Motorized Ball Valve, we are here with excellent quality solutions for your application to control the flow of fluid automatically.

What is Motorized Ball Valve?

Among all types of these valves, Motorized Ball Valves are the most favoured and extensively used. It is an automated Ball Valve that uses a Motorized actuator to control the mechanism. This valve is on/off valve as an electric actuator that serves the purpose of fully opening or fully closing valves in pipelines. It is a combination of a Ball Valve and an electric actuator. It is functioned by a Motorized Actuator. The Actuator serves to control the flow by opening/closing automatically after an electric signal. That is why it is also known as an Electric Actuator Operated Ball Valve or motorized ball valve. The usage of these Valves reduces the struggle required to operate the valves manually. In industries, these valves are proven best for flow and pressure control. We indicate you to read this informative post carefully.

Working Procedure of Motorized Ball Valve

Generally, Motorized Ball Valves work to convert electric energy into rotary force, which is operated by an electric actuator. They work accordingly to the electric signals. These valves have two types of initial positions which are normally closed and normally open. To understand it better here is how they work.

When the valve is normally closed. It receives the signals and the electric actuator will start working. After obtaining enough energy, the Electric Actuator will start rotating. As it is a quarter-turn type, it will rotate 90 degrees to open the valve. Therefore, the ball will also start rotating and it will allow the media to flow. The same procedure is for the normally open valve. It is easier to get to know if your valve is open or closed. You can find a straight line on the indicator. If the line is horizontal, that means the valve is open if it is vertical then the valve is closed.

What are the Benefits of Using a Motorized Ball Valve?

Valve Manufacturer makes it easier for various industries to find affordable and reliable Motorized Ball Valves frequently.

  1. Automatically control the flow rate with maintaining low energy loss.
  2. Offers a rapid response time compared to other valves and even provides an excellent seal. 
  3. They can be actuated often without any effort.
  4. An automated and visual indicator
  5. Provides efficient working with minimal noise.
  6. Convenient for all types of media and applications. 
  7. Low power energy is required and only needs power when moving the actuator. 
  8. The working medium is sealed reliably on both sides. 
  9. It is able to bear the stress from the pipeline well. 
  10. Quick opening and closing

Importance of Motorized Ball Valve

Motorized Ball Valve plays an essential role in various industries because of their outstanding performance. These valves are widely used due to their quick operation, better sealing, and strength. They are quite simple to install and repair. They are used in water treatment plants, oil applications, food processing, manufacturing facilities, and so on. Motorized Ball Valve Manufacturer produces Ball Valves suitable for all types of applications.

Applications of Ball Valve

Motorized Ball Valve mostly used when frequent operation is required. Applications required constant automatic flow and pressure control. It is best proven for water control applications like water pump systems, HVAC, water filters, and other automation type of projects. Also used in chemical processing, oil and gas applications, and power generation.

Water Treatment Plants

Motorized Ball Valve controls the flow of fluid or liquid from high pressure hydraulic systems. They prevent leakages and provide engineering efficiency in industrial automation.

Oil and Gas Systems

Motorized Ball Valves regulate the flow of high-pressure oil and gases by providing minimal pressure drop. These valves are quick to open/close and include tight seals and low torque with easy operations. The oil and gas transmission main pipeline requires cleaning the pipeline choose all through the well-welded structure of the Motorized Ball Valve.

Chemical Processing

Chemical systems such as acid and corrosive liquid media devices and pipeline systems require Motorized Ball Valve. They are also used in different hydrocarbon process applications.

Power Generation

Motorized Ball valves act supremely in power generation applications. They serve as a stopper for the media. In power generation, they work excellently in high-temperature mediums like electric power systems, petrochemical plants, and city heating systems.

Materials Used in Motorized Ball Valves

Motorized Ball Valve Manufacturer uses most commonly Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel, and Bronze material for the production of Ball Valves. The ball is generally made of chrome-plated steel, chrome-plated brass, stainless steel or PVC.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is one of the most common material types used for constructing Motorized Ball Valves by Valve Manufacturers. It is a highly durable and resilient metal used for high pressure and high temperature. Stainless steel is highly resistant to chlorides hence, they are made from this material that can be used in marine environments.


Brass is stronger and more expensive than plastic. Brass material is an ideal choice for Motorized Ball Valves. Brass Ball Valves are commonly used in drinking water, oil, gas, and air. This material provides absolute machinability.


Steel Motorized Ball Valve is usually used in oil refineries and marine applications. These valves are quite well-known for their corrosion-resistance properties and provide long-lasting efforts.


Bronze is a strong material of a mixture of copper and tin. This material has a rough, porous exterior with small cavities on the surface as a result of the casting process. Bronze has many benefits like high ductility, low cost, and corrosion resistance. Bronze Motorized Ball Valves are used for flow direction control and flow shut on/off, and safety relief valves.

Types of Motorized Ball Valve

Motorized 2 way Ball Valve with electric actuator

The Motorized 2 way Ball Valve is functioned in two parts i.e. inlet and outlet and a spherical ball with a bore. These valves are generally used in immediate shut-on/off applications, where they effectively serve as isolation valves. The valves operate as a supreme part of the safety system and help stop the fluid flow immediately to a particular location.

Motorized Extended Stem Ball Valve for Cryogenic Application with electrical actuator

Motorized Extended Stem Ball Valves comprise an extended bonnet and enclosed vapor chamber. The valves are primarily meant for isolating packing from the Cryogenic media. These valves operate high functionality in higher and low temperatures of applications. 

Motorized 2 way Jacketed Design Ball Valve with electrical actuator

Motorized 2 way Jacketed Ball Valve is function with jackets that comforts them in heating or cooling the flow of media. These types of valves block the crystallization or seizing of the fluid.


Motorized V Notch Design Ball Valve with electrical actuator

Motorized V Knotch Ball Valve is quite well organized and cost-effective solution that provides, precise, adjustable flow rates in application. It has a unique design that demands low maintenance. 

Motorized Multi Port design 3 & 4 way Ball Valve with electrical actuator

The name describes it well, these valves come up with V port. Basically, these valves are used for controlling several lines at one time utilizing one valve. V Port valves are quite simple and easy to operate.

Motorized Trunnion Mounted Big Size Ball Valve with electrical actuator

Motorized Trunnion Ball Valves are wide in size. The support is in a shape similar to a shaft, that’s why it is called a Trunnioun. These valves mostly used large-scale implementations, which require low operating torque. They are helpful for their versatility, in industries where shut-on/off operation is required.

Motorized Flus Bottom Reduce Bore Ball Valve with electrical actuator

Motorized Flush Bottom Reduce Bore Ball Valves comprises different sizes and options ranging from 25mm to 150. They are used in expansive applications for discharging materials from tanks and dry solid materials from bins.

Motorized PTFE (FEP-PFA) Lined Ball Valve with electrical actuator

Motorized PTFE Lined Ball Valve comes up in full port, two port splits design body. And bolted body construction with the integral ball and stem unit.

Quality Control Measures for Ball Valves

Material Testing 

The topmost step that is usually done during the quality control measure is to test the material. Different types of valves are manufactured by different types of materials which are suitable for them.  

Valve Assembly 

Once the material testing is done, the second thing to do is with Valve Assembly. Ball Valves are experienced by different checking and it’s being certain that everything is working properly there. 

Valve Testing 

After completion of the testing of Valve assembly, Valve manufactured are checked for their proper functionality. The valve is tested while placing it under pressure. When it is done the leakage is being measured to the other side of the valve.  

Customer Service Support

Technical Support

Being a leading Valve manufacturer, we offer you unlimited technical support for our consumers always. Superior technical support help in getting the complete solution in any case of different undesired conditions. Our expert team remains always accessible to resolve all your queries at your comfort as soon as possible.


The existence of a satisfactory warranty option makes it easier for consumers to replace or return the product in case of damage. Each of our Ball Valves advances with a minimum of 1 year warranty option, increasing overall customer experience to a better extent.

Return Policy 

The return policies for each product are different from the others. If you decide to pick up a Ball Valve Manufacturer, make sure to go through the return policies of the product in detail, so that you could be aware of occurring awkward situations in the future.

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