2 Way V Knotch Ball Valve


Size1” to 12”
PressureUpto 10 Kg/cm²
TemperatureUpto 180°C
Leakage ClassClass VI
EndsFlanged 150# / 300#

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Cair Euro Automation is a high-quality V-Knotch Ball Valve Manufacturer in India. We are a premium organization of manufacturing industrial valves. V-Knotch Ball Valves are efficiently used to control the flow rate in pipelines. It is the best cost-effective solution for the flow control of media. It has a V-Knotch inside the valve body. This type of Ball Valve is beneficial when an adjustable flow rate is required in the application. It is also known as a V-Port Ball Valve. 


The V-Knotch Ball Valve provides non-clogging, high-capacity flow control. It has a positive extending action and produces an inert equal percentage flow characteristic. It requires very low maintenance and is easily adjustable. A High Pressure Ball Valve offers special resistance that maximizes capacity and enhances seal life and shut-off integrity. As a result of all these features, V-Port Ball Valves are indispensable for a wide range of applications in manufacturing.


V-Knotch Ball Valves perform a quarter-turn (90°) valve rotation, which allows them to operate and shut off at much higher working pressure. Also, the response time is increased with the usage of Ball Valves. It can control bi-directional flow, which proves especially beneficial for gas applications. Additionally, the V-Knotch design provides a self-cleaning function.


V-Knotch Ball Valves are commonly used in acid transfer, agriculture, bleach chemicals, water treatments, leaching acid, pharmaceuticals, waste processing, and food processing. These valves are also suitable for controlling corrosive fluids, paper stock, or other slurries containing entrained solids or fibers. The paper industry, chemical plants, sewage treatment plants, the power industry, and petroleum refineries use these High-Pressure Ball valves.

Technical Details: 

  • Provides minimal leakage and increases the life cycle
  • The lowest energy consumption with PTFE seal 
  • It is made of Carbon steel and Stainless steel  
  • Provides tight shut-off at high pressure 
  • Provides flanged end
  • High working temperature 180°