2 Way FEP/PFA Lined Ball Valve


Size½” to 12”
SealsFEP / PFA
PressureUpto 10 Kg/cm²
TemperatureFEP : Upto 180°C / PFA : Upto 230°C
EndsFlanged 150#

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Cair Euro Automation is a High-performance Lined Ball Valve Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India. PFA/FEP Lined Ball Valves are designed exclusively to convey advanced protection from several corrosive elements. Lined Ball Valves are a variety of Ball Valves made up of a body, stem, ball, seat, and lining. This type of weight-saving valve has been made to endure a wide range of temperatures. Our 2 way PFA/FEP Lined Ball Valve is a rugged & multipurpose valve. 


The unique feature of the valve is the offered lining, which is corrosion resistance. Compact design Ball Valves take up less space. As it does a quarter-turn operation, it is simple and easily operated.  It can be quickly processed, welded, and re-molded into complex conditions and outstanding chemical resistance.


Our 2-way FEP/PFA Lined Ball Valves are an ideal choice for slurries and viscous materials. It can take up to high temperatures. It is most suitable for biotechnology and high-purity media and best for highly permeating media. As well as it minimizes joint leakages with standard design and provides low torque operation. For your high-temperature application, check out our Extended Shaft Ball Valve


PFA/FEP Lined Ball Valves are typically used in pharmaceuticals chemicals, and processing sectors. These valves are the best for paper and pulp industries as well as favorably operated in the oil and gas industries. It is widely used for pressure control, temperature, flow control, and control of several corrosive, hazardous, pure liquid, and chemical type applications.  

Technical Details

  • Constructed from Weldable B-Group Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. 
  • Size Range: ½” to 12” available 
  • FEP and PFA sealing facility 
  • Operating pressure is up to 10kg/cm2
  • Working high temperatures- FEP: up to 180°C /  PFA: up to 230°C


  • PFA&FEP Lined Ball Valves come in 2 Way design 
  • Provides Flanged End Connections 
  • We manufacture according to our customer’s requirements 
  • Manually operated