2 Way 3 Piece Design Butt Weld Ball Valve

Size½” to 4”
PressureUpto 22 Kg/cm²
TemperatureUpto 180°C / 230°C
Leakage ClassClass VI
EndsBut Weld 150#


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Cair Euro Automation is a well-known Butt Weld Ball Valve Manufacturer & Supplier in India. Butt Weld Ball Valve is a type of ball valve with Butt Welded End Connections. It performs excellently with highly abrasive and corrosive fluids. It is perfect for in-line fluid process management. The 3-piece structure allows end connections to be securely attached to the pipe, allowing the valve body to be removed for seal replacement without disrupting the pipework.


A typical 3 Piece design features the valve two butt-welded end connections, and a trim of the valve central part. 3 Piece Ball Valve is a full-bore valve that is typically used in pipelines. The Rubust End connection joints guarantee a heavy load in pipeline use. It provides easy operation with high durability. The valve is corrosion-resistant and suitable for usage in harsh environments. It has a superior sealing performance with a long service life.


Butt Weld Ball Valve offers reliable and safe performance with quality assurance. It is a leak-free valve that works with high pressure and high temperature. This valve is suitable for usage in a wide range of applications. Also, it enhances safety and reduces the risk of accidents. It improves process efficiency and productivity with an adjustable stem and body.


Butt Weld Ball Valves are typically used in various applications, such as Chemical Industry, the Petrochemical industry, Process  Control Plants, Foof & Beverages Industry, Flow and Pressure Control, Pharmaceutical Industry, and Isolation and Switching Operations, Hazardous Environments, and it is also suitable for High Pressure and High-Temperature applications. Also, check out our All in one High Pressure Ball Valve for your high-pressure application.

Technical Details: 

  • It is mainly constructed from Stainless Steel and Cast Steel. 
  • It has a Butt Weld End connection. 
  • It provides PTFE, GET, CFT, and PEEK sealing facilities.  
  • It can bear high pressure of up to 22kg/cm3
  • It can work with high-temperature up to 180°C /230°C
  • Provides zero-leakage long service life cycle.