High Pressure “3000 WOG” Ball Valve


Size½” to 2”
PressureUpto 200 Kg/cm²
TemperatureUpto 80°C
Leakage ClassClass VI

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Are you looking to control your high pressure media then  Cair Euromatic’s high-quality High Pressure Ball Valves is the best solution for you. As a trusted manufacturer in India, we take pride in offering reliable and efficient solutions for high-pressure applications. Our High Pressure Ball Valves are designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries, ensuring optimal performance and long-lasting durability.


Our High Pressure Ball Valves come in a range of sizes, starting from ½” up to 2″, providing versatility for different system configurations. The QB5 model, meticulously crafted by Cair Euromatic, is specifically engineered to handle high-pressure environments with exceptional reliability.

Constructed from premium CF8 and CF8M materials, our High Pressure Ball Valves offer superior strength and corrosion resistance. The D-Plastic seals ensure tight and leak-free sealing, even under high-pressure conditions. These valves are designed to withstand pressures up to 200 Kg/Cm², making them suitable for demanding applications.


Choosing our High Pressure Ball Valves provides numerous advantages:

  • Robust construction and high-quality materials guarantee reliable performance and extended service life.
  • Precise ball design allows for excellent flow control and efficient shut-off, ensuring optimal system operation.
  • Dependable sealing capability minimizes the risk of leaks, enhancing safety and preventing system downtime.

Relevant Industry:

Our High Pressure Ball Valves cater to a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, and hydraulic systems. Cair Euromatic’s High Pressure Ball Valves have gained recognition in the industry for their exceptional performance, durability, and adherence to international standards.