Cair UPVC Valves: The Best Choice For Water Treatment Plants

water tretment plant UPVC Valve

Water treatment facilities must employ the proper valves in their systems. By doing this, piping systems are guaranteed to run reliably, efficiently, and safely, which reduces the need for maintenance. This is true for all forms of water treatment, from managing and regulating contaminated river or sea water to creating ultra-pure water for the pharmaceutical industry. The UPVC Valve is made up of non-toxic materials.

Each valve has a distinct purpose and set of operating circumstances. Knowing the applications each valve is best equipped to handle will help ensure the right valve is chosen. There are several different types of valves that are frequently used in water treatment applications. Each has advantages and disadvantages and is made to operate in a specific way for a variety of reasons.

The Advantages of Using Cair UPVC Valves in Water Treatment Facilities

  • The specific gravity of the pipe is only one-sixth that of cast iron, making it easy to carry and Install while requiring less time and labor.
  • exhibiting strong acid, alkali, and electrochemical corrosion resistance.
  • Smooth inner wall with little flow resistance and anti-fouling.
  • Excellent chemical stability, with a typical service life of roughly 50 years.
  • Once the flame has left the fire, it can be put out.
  • At standard temperature, the working pressure can reach 1.6 MPa and the tensile strength can reach 45 MPa.
  • Using glue to bond eliminates the need to process thread, making the operation quick and easy.

Cair UPVC Valves: Durable and Reliable for Water Treatment Applications

Sometimes, the time and money spent on installation make up more than half of the overall cost of a system. Due to the following benefits, UPVC Valve greatly reduces installation costs and time as compared to metals:

  • There is no need for a separate welding area.
  • Expense-free hot work permits
  • Does not call for a trained, skilled welder
  • No requirement for bulky, expensive equipment

UPVC is commonly placed using a straightforward, step-by-step solvent cement joining procedure, making it lighter, easier to move, and more secure. By joining the pipe and fitting using solvent cement, a uniform piece of material is created at the molecular level. UPVC solvent cemented joints are frequently the strongest component of the system, providing greater reliability, fewer repairs, and longer service life when other materials are frequently fragile.

Why Cair UPVC Valves are the Top Choice for Water Treatment Plants

Be aware that not all UPVC is created equal when dealing with the potentially corrosive and hot environment found in a wastewater treatment facility. Cair UPVC testing demonstrates superior consistency and performance when compared to other UPVC Valve brands in terms of:

  • Burst pressure minimum requirements
  • Dimensional deviations
  • Remaining stress demands
  • Drop impact specifications
  • Testing of fusion properties

Cair Euromation is a reliable provider of water treatment services and a top valve manufacturer in India. Our product offers a superb blend of qualities to increase dependability and user confidence. Most importantly, it enables water treatment plants to prevent unneeded shutdowns and stay more productive while lowering capital and life-cycle costs.

Maximizing Efficiency and Performance with Cair UPVC Valves in Water Treatment Plants

  • Compared to metallic systems, has lower life-cycle costs, and needs less maintenance than more affordable polymers.
  • Eliminates numerous corrosive substances’ internal and exterior corrosion and protects against the deteriorating effects of chemicals, microbes, and UV light.
  • Ensures appropriate flow rates, and has pressure ratings up to 200°F (93.3°C), which is almost 80°F (45°C) greater than PVC. It also has good hydraulic characteristics.
  • Cair UPVC provides the highest impact resistance (24448 cell class up to 8-in. diameter, as defined by ASTM-D1784) of any UPVC pipe compound and achieves long-term performance with outstanding mechanical strength.
  • Has diameters up to 24 inches (check with each manufacturer)

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