How Cair has Become The Best Motorized Valve Manufacturer in India.

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Cair Euromatic Automation Pvt. Ltd. always aims to lighten your load using the most up-to-date technology, and here we take the chance to inform your firm about electrical actuators and motorized valves. Cair Euromatic Automation, Pvt. Ltd. successfully obtained an ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for the design, production, and supply of electrical actuators and micro limit switch boxes from the recognized organization TÜV NORD GROUP. And obtained as the best Motorized Valve Manufacturer.

Since today’s competition has raised the need to create and maintain the highest quality standards, innovation in inventions obtaining this certification is a significant company milestone for ongoing improvement for the benefit of product quality and customer happiness. In order to increase our market share, Cair is dedicated to provid the best services to the sector at significantly cheaper rates than our competitors. The ISO certification of our electrical actuator and micro switch box is a real accomplishment, especially given that we are on the verge of expanding our firm.

Journey of Cair Euromatic Automation Pvt. Ltd.

“Cair Euromatic Automation Pvt. Ltd.,” founded in 2002, is a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of a variety of products, including electric actuators, motorized butterfly valves, industrial valves, motorized control valves, motorized gate valves, limit switch boxes, actuator ball valves, and more. It constantly seeks to lessen your stress by utilizing the most recent technologies, and here we take the opportunity to inform your company about electric actuators and motorized valves.

Strict quality inspections is perform on our items to make sure there are no technical flaws. We make sure that the client is completely satisfied and that all international requirements are reached. We make sure that from our end, our customers receive the greatest automation solutions. Our company’s mission is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, which has been make possible by a loyal clientele that has grown over time.

Cair Motorized Valves series and its Features. 

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Cair Euromatic Automation

We are a reputable company that manufacturer and exports motorized valves of the highest caliber. The domestic and foreign markets have a very strong demand for the wide variety of motorized valves we offer. The characteristics that most describe the Motorized Valves we offer are accurate manufacture, effective operation, lightweight, and excellent finish. We have added some modern features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, Modbus, and many more to enhancement the comfortable for the customers. The consumers have also expressed gratitude for the motorized valves’ efficient operation and long service life. We offer a variety of motorized valves to customers at competitive pricing. As a promising brand, we present a high-quality product line that is creat using top-notch raw materials and contemporary work processes.

Additionally, we ensure that the foundational materials come from reliable sources. Our rapid distribution network allows us to provide timely and hassle-free delivery. We have the necessary skills for producing a large selection of electric actuators. The company uses cutting-edge equipment and high-quality materials to produce Electric Actuators. At every level of production up until final delivery, thorough quality checks are done to guarantee that a perfect range of electric actuators is given to the market.

We have a wealth of experience in offering our customers a tested selection of valve positioners. Valve Positioners are well-liked by customers because of their unique qualities, such as efficient operation, long functional life, low energy consumption, high-end performance, and compact design. Before the line is distribut in the marketplaces, these positioners are evaluate on a variety of quality criteria. The products are shipping to the specified location in high-quality packaging materials. Rapid service and affordable costs raise the degree of customer satisfaction.

Final Verdict

To summarize, We are a reputable manufacturer and exporter of electric actuators, motorized valves, and valve positioners situated in India. To ensure the safe shipment of the electric actuators, motorized valves, and valve positioners. We also take the utmost care in selecting packaging materials of the highest caliber. The devices are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. Thanks to features like straightforward operation and low maintenance costs. The availability of Industrial Products at the most competitive costs and within the stipulated period also relieves clients. 


What do we do when Motorized Operated Valve is not operating or gets Stuck?

If Motorized Operated Valve is not operating, then operate this Valve locally through the local buttons or using the Setting Tool. If Motorized Operated Valve gets stuck, then try to use the handwheel. If still, Valve doesn’t operate, then drop that Valve for valve body inspection.

What do we do When Motorized Operated Valve Showing Thermostat Alarm?

If You See This Type of Warning in a Motorized Operated Valve, You need to give it some time to cool down. Mainly This Valve generates a Thermostat Alarm when the motor winding overheats due to frequent Use. After cooling down, That valve show warning, then check the temperature sensing element installed inside the Motorized Valve actuator casing.

What do we do when Motorized Operated Valve Showing Motor Stalled Alarm and Circuit does not detect any movement?

This Kind of warning happens when the Motor and the Gearbox are disengaged or when the Motorized Operated Valve encoder for position feedback goes faulty.

What do we do When Motorized Operated Valve Showing Torque Trip Alarm?

If you face this problem, recheck the torque value with the standard technical document. If found any deviation then correct the same. Only increase the torque value after consulting the  Team and referring to the data of the valve body. Increasing the torque can damage the valve body.

What do we do when Motorized Operated Valve is not taking command from the control system?

If this problem occurs, please check whether an interlock is inhibiting the operation of the Motorized Valve or not.

What if Motorized Valve is in Remote mode and still not taking command from the system?

If this happens, check the cable connections (the cable used to operate Motorized Valve) and the system marshaling cabinet.

What If Motorized Operated Valve feedback is not coming to the control system?

If you face this problem, Then set the feedback through the Setting Tool or through the local buttons present on Motorized Operated Valve, whichever is applicable.

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