Three Phase Linear Electric Actuator

Key Features

Supply Voltage

415 V AC (±10%), 50/60 Hz
380 V AC, 460 V AC (Available on request)

Manual Over-ride

Hand Wheel Type

Integral Starter Unit

Selector Switches               : Open/Stop/Close
Selector Switches               :Auto/Manual or Remote/Local
Indicator lamp                     : Open/Close/Error


Center Base Mounting and Fork Mounting at Nose

Model Number


Equivalent Models


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Three Phase Linear Electric Actuators work to convert energy into linear motion. They are typically used in industrial applications where high loads are required. Cair Euro Automation is one of the best Three Phase Linear Electric Actuator Manufacturers and suppliers in Ahmedabad, India. They work more efficiently than a comparably sized single-phase actuator. It translates to the motor running cooler, with a longer life, and most importantly, it will use less electricity.


Three Phase Electric Actuators feature to generate the same amount of force as compared to the single phase linear electric actuator. They tend to be more durable and have a long working life span. These linear actuators are more efficient because they use less power than other actuators. They can be used with higher voltage systems, which makes them ideal for use in industrial applications.


Three-Phase Electric Actuators offer several benefits, compared to pneumatic and hydraulic, electric actuators are a more cost-efficient solution from a lease standpoint. There are also cost savings for the installation process. These actuators offer more energy-efficient power transmission as well and they are much easier to implement with programmable controls. There are no parts to replace or lubrication required except in extreme conditions, maintenance of electric actuators is minimal.


Three Phase Linear Electric Actuators are usually utilized in the Automotive Industry, Food and beverage Industry, Roboting Applications, Servo Presses, Clamping, and most commonly used in the Packaging Sector. These actuators are used in oil and Gas Plants, Pulp and Paper Plants, Factory Automation, HVAC, Marine, and Materials Handling.

Technical Details

  • Voltage Supply: 415 V AC (10%), 50/60Hz, 380 V AC, 460 V AC (Available on request) 
  • Manual Over-ride: Hand Wheel Type
  • Mounting: Center Base Mounting and Fork Mounting at Nose 
  • Integral Starter Unit:
    • Selector Switches: Open/ Stop/ Close
      • Auto/ Manual or Remote/ Local
  • Indicator Lamp: Open/ Close/ Error 

Cair, a Premier Industrial Valve Manufacturer offers excellent Linear Electric Actuators to various industries for their effective flow control systems.

Manufacturing Standards

Actuator manufacturing standard

IEC/ EN 15714-2(Electrical Actuator for Industrial Valves)

Actuator Enclosure Standard- IP 67/68

IS/IEC 60529-2009

(Degree of protection provided by Enclosure)

Actuator motor standard

IEC-60034-1 (Rotating Electrical Machines)

IS-996 (Single Phase Induction Motor)

Applicable Directives

1-EC machinery Directive-2006/42/EC

2-Low Voltage Directive-2006/95/EC

3-EMC Directive-2004/105/EEC

Design Approvals