Single Phase Linear Electric Actuator

Key Features

Supply Voltage

220 V AC (±10%), 50/60 Hz
110 V AC, 24 V DC, 12 V DC (Available on request)


Weather Proof – IP 67

Thrust Range

150 Kgf – 3500 Kgf

Manual Over-ride

Key Type / Wheel Type

Various Options

Modulating Control (Signal Input – 4~20 mA / 2~10 V DC)
Potentiometer Feedback (4~20 mA)
Auxiliary Limit Switches (2 Units – Potential Free)
2 Wire for ON/OFF Operation

Model Number

VO BAISC VO-PROVO-VOT 05,1,2,3,4,5

Equivalent Models


Inqure now

Cair Euro Automation is one of the leading Single-Phase Linear Electric Actuator Manufacturer and Supplier in Ahmedabad. This type of actuator provides a short stroke (less than 20mm) operation and is found in a wide range of applications. This actuator has a high-quality, stable precision material and design. It has one power line. This type of Electric actuator is durable and safe and has a broad application environment.


Single Phase Linear Actuators have experienced broad usage because of their reliability and versatility. Actuators pair with various power sources and come in numerous design configurations, such as screw, rod, or belt type, that provide the requisite force, precision, and acceleration speed for multiple applications.


Single phase electric Actuators require very little operator maintenance and can have a long working life. They work excellently even in harsh environments, and they still provide high repetition, accurate positioning, and precision movements. When they are compared to hydraulic & pneumatic actuators, Linear Electric Actuators offer stable, smooth, and accurate linear motion control, even at low speeds. 


Single-phase electric Actuators are widely used in fields such as Petroleum, Chemical Industry, Power Plant, Metallurgy, Pharmacy, Paper and Pulp Industry Energy, Water Treatment Plants, Textile, Fppd Processing, Building, Automation, Thermic Fluid Lines for furnace and steam Boilers. Also, these actuators are well-suitable for industrial applications like Aerospace, Agriculture, automotive, Clean and Renewable Energy, Food and Beverages, HVAC, Marine, Military, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, and Robotics. 

Technical Details

  • Voltage Supplying Capacity is 220 V AC, 50/60 Hz AND 110 V AC, 24DC, 12 V DC(Available on request)
  • Enclosure: Waterproof 
  • Manual Override: Key type/ Wheel type
  • Thurst Range: 150 Kgf – 3500Kgf 
  • Other Range of Options:
    • On/Off Type
    • Modulating Control (Signal Input– 4-20 mA/ 2-10 V DC
    • Potentiometer Feedback (4-20 mA)
    • 2 Wire for On/Off Operation

If you’re looking for Valve Solutions, Cair Euro Automation, a well-known Motorized Valve Manufacturer, is a top choice for Premier Single-Phase Electric Actuators.

Manufacturing Standards

Actuator manufacturing standard

IEC/ EN 15714-2(Electrical Actuator for Industrial Valves)

Actuator Enclosure Standard- IP 67/68

IS/IEC 60529-2009

(Degree of protection provided by Enclosure)

Actuator motor standard

IEC-60034-1 (Rotating Electrical Machines)

IS-996 (Single Phase Induction Motor)

Applicable Directives

1-EC machinery Directive-2006/42/EC

2-Low Voltage Directive-2006/95/EC

3-EMC Directive-2004/105/EEC

Design Approvals