Multi Louver Damper Valve








Upto 3000MM x 3000MM

IS Grade MS / S.Steel

Aluminum / MS / S.Steel

Upto 10000MMWC / PN 6 / PN 10 (Depending on REQ.)

-20° to 500°C

Flanged / Wafer

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Multi Louver Damper Valve Manufacturer in India

Cairo Euro Automation is a leading Multi-Louver Damper Valve Manufacturer in India. The Multi Louver Damper valve is composed of multiple blades that rotate on a central shaft. These valves are well-suited for applications where precise modulation is essential. All the blades are connected through linkages. These valves can be used for isolating or regulating the flow with the Quarter-Turn movement of the blade. Typically, multi-louver dampers with parallel blades are utilized in on-off duty applications, whereas those with opposed blades are selected for control and regulating purposes. 


Cair Euro’s manufactured Multi Louver Damper Valves are designed to provide sealing efficiency. The Damper Valve Manufacturer designs the valve in square, rectangular, or circular cross-section ducts and is designed to be installed in a horizontal or vertical duct. It features high-temperature self-aligning. The entire operating gear is located outside of the duct and does not come in contact with flue gases. 


Multi Louver Damper Valve offers several benefits, such as thin metal blade construction that gives a quick response to thermal transients. Flexible enough to fit in ducting. It provides fast opening and closing action with good modulation and control characteristics. It benefits low leakage to the outside environment. 


Multi Louver Multi-damper valves are used in various types of applications such as HVAC Systems, Industrial Ventilation, Combustion Systems, Air Pollution Systems, Power Plants, Process Industries, Environmental Control Systems, and Building Management Systems. These valves are also suitable for applications like Energy Recovery Systems, Tunnel Ventilation, Oil and gas Industry, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Process Control Systems, Laboratory Equipment, Cleaning Rooms, Air Handling Units, and Exhaust Systems.

Technical Details: 

  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel 
  • Louvers are manufactured from Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Iron, and CarbonAvailable Size Range is up to  3000MM x 3000MM
  • Operating High-Pressure is up to 10000MMWC / PN 6 / PN 10 (Depending on Request)
  • End Connections: Flanged / Wafer type
  • Working Temperature : -20° TO 500​​°

When it comes to valve solutions, Cair, a renowned valve manufacturer, is the best choice for high-quality Multi Louver Damper Valves.

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