Motorised UPVC True Union / Polypropylene (PP) Ball Valve with Electrical Actuator


ActuatorSingle Phase / Three phase
Supply220V AC / 110V AC / 415V AC / 380V AC / 24V DC
Limit SwitchesFor Open and Close
EnclosureWeather Proof / Flame Proof
TypeON-OFF / 4~20 mA Modulating / 0~10V DC Modulating
Manual OverrideKey Type / Wheel Type


Size½” to 12”
PressureUp to 10kg / Cm²
TemperatureUp to 180°C / 250°C
Class150# / 300# / 600# / 900#
EndsFlanged Type

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Welcome to the forefront of fluid control innovation with our Motorised UPVC True Union / Polypropylene (PP) Ball Valve, seamlessly integrated with a cutting-edge Electrical Actuator. Cair Euro Automation is one of the leading Motorized Valve Manufacturer in India. As a distinguished PP ball valve manufacturer, we take pride in offering a solution that combines the robustness of UPVC with the chemical resistance of Polypropylene, creating a reliable and durable valve for diverse industrial applications.


Our Upvc Motorised Ball Valve stands out with its advanced features: 

1. Dual Material Construction

Combining UPVC and Polypropylene ensures resistance to corrosive chemicals and longevity in challenging environments. 

2. Electrical Actuator

Experience precise control with the state-of-the-art Electrical Actuator, allowing for remote and automated operations, contributing to increased efficiency. 

3. True Union Design

Simplify maintenance procedures with the true union design, facilitating swift replacements without disrupting the system. 

4. Versatile Applications

Suitable for a wide range of applications, from chemical processing plants to water treatment facilities, our motorized valve provides reliable performance across various industries.


The Motorised UPVC True Union / Polypropylene (PP) Ball Valve with Electrical Actuator finds its application in: 

  • Chemical Processing: Resistant to corrosive substances, our valve ensures secure fluid control in chemical manufacturing processes.
  • Water Treatment: Ideal for regulating water flow, the valve contributes to efficient water treatment operations.
  • Industrial Automation: The Electrical Actuator enables seamless integration into automated industrial processes, enhancing overall system efficiency.
  • General Fluid Control: With its versatility, the valve caters to a broad spectrum of fluid control needs across industries.

Technical Details

  • Material Composition: UPVC and Polypropylene  
  • Actuator Type: Electrical 
  • Connection Type: True Union 
  • Size Range: Varied sizes available to suit diverse piping requirements 
  • Operating Pressure: Designed to withstand a range of operating pressures, ensuring reliability in different settings.

In conclusion, our Motorised UPVC Ball Valve with an Electrical Actuator epitomizes reliability, precision, and adaptability. As a leading motorized valve manufacturer, we prioritize delivering solutions that redefine fluid control standards across industries. Choose innovation, durability, and efficiency – choose our Motorised PP Ball Valve for your industrial fluid control needs.