Motorised UPVC Butterfly Valve with Electrical Actuator


ActuatorSingle Phase / Three phase
Supply220V AC / 110V AC / 415V AC / 380V AC / 24V DC
EnclosureWeather Proof / Flame Proof
TypeON-OFF / 4~20 mA Modulating / 0~10V DC Modulating
Manual OverrideKey Type / Wheel Type


Size2” to 12”
PressureUp to 10kg/cm²
TemperatureUp to 180°C
EndsWafer Type

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Our UPVC Motorized Butterfly Valve is the perfect solution for managing the flow of liquids in various applications. Cair Euromatic Automation is a leading UPVC Motorized Butterfly Valve Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter. It is popular because of its dependability and low maintenance needs. It is feature by a Motorized Electric Actuator. This valve is made of UPVC and has excellent chemical corrosion resistance.


UPVC Butterfly Valve with Electric Actuator features low operation torque with high-quality finishing. It is suitable for any type of liquid. It provides smooth opening and closing and is good at maintenance cost saving. As well as anticorrosion epoxy resin coatings cover mid stem structure. It provides low energy costs with good control capabilities. Offers long service life cycle with tight shut-off capability. It provides easy installation.


UPVC Butterfly Valve with Electric Actuator has good strength and toughness, smooth connections, and conveys fluid with less friction resistance. It provides a quick installation with good corrosion resistance. As well as it provides high flow capacity with minimal pressure drop. It is suitable for a variety of pipeline systems. 


UPVC Butterfly Valve with Electric Actuator controls the opening and closing of the Motorized Butterfly Valve through the Power Signal. It is widely used in textiles, power stations, the petrochemical industry, heating and cooling systems, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, environmental protection, and other fields. They work well in such environments as potable water, acid-base and chemical solutions, wastewater treatment plants, seawater pumps, HVAC systems, or similar applications.

Technical Details

  • Constructed from UPVC/PP 
  • The available size range is 2” to 12” 
  • Seal Material: NBR/EPDM 
  • Working pressure is up to 10kg/cm2 
  • End connections: Wafer type 
  • The operating temperature is up to 180°
  • Operated with an Electric Actuator