Motorised High Pressure Globe Control Valve Electrical Actuator


ActuatorThree phase
Supply415V AC / 380V AC / 460V AC
EnclosureWeather Proof / Flame Proof
TypeON-OFF / 4~20 mA Modulating / 0~10V DC Modulating
Manual OverrideWheel Type


Size½” to 12”
SealsMetal to Metal / PTFE
Pressure150# / 300# / 600# / 900#
TemperatureUpto 180°C / 450°C
EndsFlanged / Socket

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Motorised Globe Control Valve Manufacturer

Cair Euro Automation is one of the leading Motorized High-Pressure Globe Valve Manufacturers & suppliers in Ahmedabad, India. We present a standard High-Pressure Globe Control Valve with an Electric Actuator. These valves ensure stable and accurate control of the media. It is ideal for both High-Pressure and High-Temperature systems. The Motorized Control Valve range includes both standard and pressure-relieved control valves that can be operated with high differential pressure. 


The motorized High-Pressure Globe Control Valve provides easy selection, installation, and maintenance leading to cost, time, and effort savings features. It also provides good shut-off capability, good throttling capability, and shorter stem travel.  It can be used as a stop check valve. The important feature of a Globe Valve is it has a valve seat parallel to the line of flow, which is efficient for throttling applications.


Motorized High-Pressure Globe Valves are useful where there is frequent operation is required. It provides better sealing capability with a good shut-off function. It has a simple structure, low friction between the surface, and a long service life cycle. It can withstand wear and tear for a long time. It benefits small working stroke, and short opening and closing time.


Globe Valve with Electric Actuator works in a variety of applications such as Cooling Water Systems, Fuel Oil Systems, Oil and Gas Industries, Petrochemical, Power Plants, Process Plants, Wastewater Plants, and Lubrication Systems. 

Technical Details:

  • Constructed from Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. 
  • The size range available is ½” to 12” 
  • Three-phase Electric Actuator which is weather-proof and flame-proof
  • Working high pressure is 150°C to 900°C
  • Operating high temperature is up to 180°C
  • Flanged End connection
  • Operated by Electric Actuator 

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