Glandless Piston Valve Manufacturer

Glandless Piston Valve Manufacturer in India

Cair Euro Automation is a high-quality Glandless Piston Valve Manufacturer in India. We are a premium organization manufacturing industrial Glandless Piston Valves. Glandless Piston Valves are efficiently used to control the flow in pipelines. The piston valve is a linear movement glandless valve. It has a compact design, with bubble tight seal. It can be used in on/off and throttling applications. A piston valve is used to prevent both inline and gland leaks, resulting in leak-proof isolation in the pipes.


The Piston Check Valve is very easy to install and simple to use. It requires very low maintenance costs and a long service life cycle. It provides a Bubble-tight shut-off. The piston valve is robust and can be easily serviced inline. Its effective sealing area is large, as compared to the conventional linear movement valves. It helps to save energy and does not contaminate the environment. 


A Piston Valve has the ability to seal the actuating stem without packing or glands as well as the valve port by the action itself against pairs of sealing rings. It is economically safe and easy to use. It provides leak-tight across the ports and to the atmosphere and has the advantage of No erosion of the sealing surface. They are also suitable for Gas-liquid media. For additional valve options, be sure to explore our efficient Gate Valves and Butterfly Valves as well.


Piston valves are primarily used for saturated and superheated steam and hot water services in Power Plants, Refineries, Pulp and Paper mills, Steam Manifolds, Main Steam Isolation valves on steam headers, Pressure Reducing Stations, Thermic Fkuid Supply. Specific applications include steam headers and manifolds, condensate manifolds, desuperheaters, and steam trap isolation. 

Technical Details: 

  • Constructed from Weldable Cast B-grade steel 
  • The available size range is ½” to 4” 
  • Sealing facility: Metal to Metal 
  • Working high pressure is 40kg/cm2
  • The operating high temperature is 300°C
  • End Connection: DIN 2525 (PN40)
  • Manually Operated 

Design Approvals