Resilient Gate Valve


Size1½” to 48”
PressurePN 16 / PN 10 (Depending on Req.)
Temperature-20°C to 80°C
EndsFlanged as per BS / DIN


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Resilient Gate Valve Manufacturer in India

Resilient Gate Valve is a type of Gate valve used to control the flow of liquids, gases, and other types of media. Cair Euro Automation is a leading Resilient Gate Valve Manufacturer in India. The Resilient Seated Gate Valve has a plain valve bottom that allows free passage flow for media in the valve. It protects the valve, if any type of impurities pass through the flow by closing the valve. The Resilient Seats work effectively to protect the valve from impurities.

Features of Resilient Gate Valve:

This type of Gate Valve is one of the most popular valves in the Industry. It features a compact design with a ductile iron wedge. It is a manually operated valve and provides 100% leakage tightness. It provides durability by preventing vibration from the integral wedge. It has excellent rubber vulcanization that helps to prevent creeping corrosion underneath the rubber. It gives full bore facility. The valve body provides a consistent closure, and safe operation, and prevents the stem from being overloaded.  

Benefits of Resilient Gate Valve: 

Resilient Gate Valves offer various advantages including, Superior sealing capability. Gate Valve Manufacturer designs the valve that is maintenance-free. It ensures a minimal pressure drop with the benefit of a bi-directional sealing facility. As well as it provides precise flow control. The valve increases its durability. It helps to reduce the operation torque and is quite flexible to install. 

Applications of Resilient Gate Valves in Your Distribution System 

Resilient Gate Valves can be used in various applications ranging from Water Supply Systems to water treatment Plants, Potable Water Applications, and Water Distribution Systems. They can also be used for Oil and Gas Processes, the Mining Industry, Shipbuilding and drilling Facilities, Chemical Processing, Power Plants, Petrochemical Plants, and HVAC. The flexibility of the Resilient Gate Valve makes them an ideal choice for use in High-Pressure Applications where tight sealing is required to prevent leakage. 

Technical Details of our Resilient Gate Valves 

  • Manufactured from Cast Iron Alloy (GGG40) 
  • The available size range is “½” to “48”
  • Working High-Pressure is PN16 / PN10 (Depending on Request)
  • Seal Facility:- EPDM
  • Operating Temperature is -20’C to 80’C
  • End connection: Flanged as per BS / DIN

At Cair, a renowned Valve Manufacturer, we offer the best production of Resilient Gate Valves to facilitate the control solution of Valve Industries.

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