Motorised Sluice Valve with Electrical Actuator


ActuatorSingle Phase / Three phase
Supply220V AC / 110V AC / 415V AC / 380V AC / 24V DC
EnclosureWeather Proof / Flame Proof
TypeON-OFF / 4~20 mA Modulating / 0~10V DC Modulating
Manual OverrideWheel Type


Size2” to 56”
SealsMetal to Metal / EPDM
PressurePN 10 / PN 16
TemperatureUpto 80°C / 220°C
EndsFlanged End

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Cair Euromation, a renowned sluice valve manufacturer, offers a high-performance valve that can be utilized in various applications such as water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, power plants, and chemical industries. With its exceptional quality and design, this valve guarantees efficient and dependable operation.


The Cair Euromation, a prominent Sluice Valve manufacturer in India, offers a wide range of sizes, ranging from 2 inches to 56 inches, and it comes with a variety of actuator options such as single-phase or three-phase. It can be operated with a supply voltage of 220V AC / 110V AC / 415V AC / 380V AC / 24V DC. The valve’s enclosure is designed to be weatherproof or flameproof depending on the application.

The valve’s design offers three different types of operation: ON-OFF, 420 mA Modulating, or 10V DC Modulating. It also has a manual override in the form of a wheel type mechanism.


One of the key advantages of Cair Euromation’s Sluice Valve is its ability to handle high pressures of up to PN 10 / PN 16. 

The valve is also designed to withstand high temperatures of up to 80°C / 220°C, making it ideal for use in a wide range of industries.

The valve’s metal-to-metal or EPDM seals ensure that the valve remains leak-proof, ensuring safe and efficient operation. 

The valve’s design also allows for easy installation and maintenance.

Relevant Industry:

Cair Euromation, a reputable Sluice Valve manufacturer, offers an excellent choice for industries that require a high-quality and reliable valve with their Sluice Valve. Some of the relevant industries where this valve is commonly used include water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, power plants, and chemical industries.

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