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Leading the Industry as a Renowned Ball Valve Manufacturer

Cair Euromatic serves the valve industry with high-quality and long-lasting industrial ball valves. We use only High Graded casting materials and always follow international norms in making our products to hike the performance of the valves.

We make high pressure ball valves, jacketed ball valves, Metal Seated Ball valves, Extended stem Ball Valves, Flush Bottom Reduce Bore Ball Valve, V Notch Ball valves, Multi Port Designed 3 & 4 Way Ball Valve & Motorized Ball Valve.

Cair Euromatic focuses on clients' satisfaction and believes in serving excellent ball valves. Therefore we developed an inspection department and a team of highly experienced engineers. This department inspects each ball valve with modern tech to filter any defective or malfunctioned valves. Hence every valve which are passed the tests is eligible for delivery to the client.

How Does a Ball Valve Work?

As versatile components in fluid control systems, ball valves feature multiple ports or openings that enable customized media flow. A two-way ball valve is suitable for straightforward on/off control, with its two ports serving as entry and exit points. Meanwhile, multi-port valves such as 3-way or 4-way ball valves are preferred for applications that require multiple sources of media or media diversion in various directions. To regulate the flow of media, the valve port can be manually or automatically opened or closed. For manual control, the valve typically comes equipped with handles or levers that are operated by trained personnel.