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This is the right place. We are the leading ball valve manufacturer in India. If yes, we are here with the
absolute quality solutions for flow control for you.

What is a Ball Valve?

Ball Valve is a flow control device that is used for controlling fluid flow through it. The valve uses a hollow,
perforated, and pivoting ball for enabling the task effectively. Whenever the ball hole gets in line with the
flow inlet, the ball valve gets opened up whereas when the valve handle provides it for 90 degrees it
blocks up the fluid flow completely.

What are the Benefits of using Ball Valves?

Ball valve offers users a wide range of functionalities including:

  • These ball valves feature low-pressure drop and high flow capacity and hence have little or no resistance to fluid flow.
  • The ball valves are quite efficient and convenient to use.
  • These values usually require simple and low maintenance.
  • These are cost-efficient options that are cheaper to maintain, implement and use for a longer time.
  • The ball valves can easily withstand high pressures and hence are considered as most robust options.

Why Choose a Right Ball Valve Manufacturer?

The selection of a right valve manufacturer makes it easier for users to find the most reliable and
affordable ball valves consistently.

Types of Ball Valves

2 Way Ball Valves

2 Way Ball Valve comprises two ports i.e. inlet and outlet and a ball with a bore. These valves are commonly used in basic ON/OFF applications where they work as isolation valves. The valves serve as a main part of
the safety system and help in stopping the fluid flow immediately to a specific location.

Extended Stem Ball Valves for Low Temperature

Extended stem ball valves include an extended bonnet and an enclosed vapor chamber. The valves are mainly meant for isolating packing from the cryogenic fluid. These valves perform high functionality in higher and low temperatures.

Flush Bottom Reduce Bore Ball Valves

The Flush bottom ball valves come up in different sizes and options ranging from 25mm to 150 and are used in a wide range of applications for discharging materials from tanks and dry solid material from bins.

High-Pressure Ball Valves

A high pressure ball valve is a robust valve designed to handle fluid flow in high-pressure systems. It is constructed with durable materials such as stainless steel and offers a tight seal to prevent leakage. These valves are available in various pressure classes, such as 300#, 600#, 900# and above to accommodate different pressure ranges.

Jacketed Ball Valves

Jacketed ball valves come up with jackets that help them in heating or cooling the flow media. These valves prevent the crystallization or seizing of the fluid.

Metal Seated Ball Valves for High Temperature

The metal seated ball valves are designed to withstand a high temperature of up to 540°C or abrasion resistance.

Multi-Port Ball Valves

As the name is describing it well, these valves come up with multiple ports. These valves are used for controlling the various lines at a single time using one valve body. The installation and maintenance of these
valves are quite simple and easy.

Plug Valves Lubricated Soft Seated

Plug valves are used in the oil industry. These valves have a cavity that runs through the center of the plug and down its axis. These values generally use sealants or lubricants for easing up their operations.

V-Notch Ball Valves

A V notch ball valve is quite an efficient and cost-effective solution that offers, precise, adjustable flow rates in an application. It is an exclusive design that requires low maintenance.

Materials used in ball valves


Steel ball valves are usually used in oil refining, marine projects, and breweries. These valves are quite known for their corrosion-resistant properties and provide durable results to use


Coming up with good corrosion resistance, these ball valves are susceptible to de-zincification in different applications. The material provides absolute machinability

Stainless Steel

It is one of the most common material types used for constructing ball valves by the butterfly valve manufacturer. The material not only helps you in acquiring durable ball valves but also includes corrosion-resistant properties. These ball valves are used in different systems including general plant and geochemical systems.


This material is used for creating ball valves for handling pressure-rated options. The ball valves generally have higher strength and machinability and can be easily joined by soldering or brazing.

Application of ball valves

Water Treatment

Ball valves control the flow of liquid from a compressed airline to a high-pressure hydraulic system. These values are leakproof and quite simple to use.

Chemical Processing

Ball values are used in different hydrocarbon process applications and throttle gas and vapors. These valves are quite useful for low-flow situations.

Oil and Gas

The ball valves control the flow of high pressure liquid and gases with minimal pressure drop. These valves are quite quick to open and close and include tight seals and low torque with easy operations.

Power Generation

Ball valves play an important part in power generation. They serve as a stopper for the
media and can easily withstand high pressure and temperatures beyond 10000F.

Quality control measures for ball valves

Material Testing

The very first thing that is usually done during the quality control measure is to test the material. The valves are usually manufactured with different materials and each one is suitable for the different functions.

Valve Assembly

Once done with the material testing, the next thing is being checked its valve assembly. The ball valves are gone through the different checking and it’s being ensured that everything is fine there.

Valve Testing

Once done with the completion of the testing of the valve assembly, the valves manufactured are tested for their proper functionality. The test is done while placing the valve under pressure. Once done the amount of leakage is being measured on the other side of the valve.

Customer Service and Support

Technical Support

Being one of the best Sluice valve manufacturers we offer you unlimited technical support for our customers always. Good technical support help in getting the absolute solution in case of different unwanted situations. Our team of expert professionals remains always available to resolve all of your queries as soon as possible.


The presence of a good warranty option makes it easier for the users to replace or return the product in case of damage. Each of our ball valves comes up with a minimum of 1 year warranty option, increasing overall user experience to a greater extent.

Return Policies

The return policies for each product are different from the others. If you are going to pick up a Gate valve manufacturer, make sure to go through the return policies in detail so that you could save yourself from awkward situations in the future.


So, Guys! Hopefully, you have learned perfectly about the leading ball valve supplier. Quality and quantity both are the two extreme terms essential for the growth of a business. We are providing here absolute ball valve solutions for you at an easier end. We offer a vast range of ball valves that will surely help you in performing different tasks effectively. Go through the details given above before making the final decision.

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