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2002 saw the birth of ‘Cair’ brand. Founded by professionals with over 30 years of experence in the valve actuator industry and driven by the ability to provide innovative
and sustainable solutions, ‘Cair’ focused primarily on manufacturing Electrical Actuators and providing Valve Automation Solutions.

In 2009, Cair Euromatic Automation Pvt. Ltd. enhanced its manufacturing and testing capabilities by setting up its second manufacturing facility. This new facility provides for sound infrastructure and in-house testing capabilities for electric actuators and motorized valves.

We have evolved as a manufacturer of repute over the years. We have successfully added new products to our range ensuring prompts products enhancement. Continuous improvements at every aspect of our manufacturing and business processes have kept us at the forefront of industrial valve automation industry.

Our extensive knowledge of industrial valves and valve actuators backed by sound manufacturing capabilities enables us to provide one-stop solutions for motorized valves. We owe our success to out consistent focus on quality at all levels. Our network offices and dealerships across India have also played an important role in leveraging opportunities across the globe.

Cair Euromatic Automation Pvt. Ltd. has a strong industry presence today and is known to offer value based solutions to its ever growing list of clients.


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